KICK OFF Team looking for programmers (C++, DirectX, Network,...)


We launched a project to re-interface an old but excellent football game named KICK OFF.

KICK OFF was created in 1989 for tha Atari ST and the Amiga 500 and was followed by PLAYER MANAGER and KICK OFF2.

This game is still considered by a big community to be the best and the most playable soccer games ever developped.

Here is the small video that show what it looks like :

You can try this game and understand how it works with the following post :

The aim of this current project is to keep the original game only for the match itself with emulating it but to rebuild
a new interface for PC to extend the game possibilities and for example to play online (in the original game, it was possible to play at position only one player, the rest of the team being played by the computer ; we can imagine to play online with 11 humans
against 11 players!)

A post has been created for this project that was launched in 2007 :

A small desorganized team already exists but it is time to make this project more lively and to get some real results.

Steve Camber has made a lot of works to understand the original structure of the Atari game without having sources
and he is the one that knows the best this game.

Being fan of this game but also a crap progammer, I decided to take the role of project manager and to look for new gifted
programmer. My goal is to make this project very lively but also a little bit ambitious.

[b]We are looking for C++ progammers who can handle with DirectX.
We also looking for network programmer who can work at the online part with for example any server set up.
We also looking for any people that can help.[/b]

Thanks for your helps,



  • hello,
    i'd like to join your project. Actually i'm not an expert in programming, i'm just the beginner, but i've done some playing around with c programming and network programming in windows. I'm looking for any programming activity so i'd like to help. If there would be some work for me please e-mail me: [email protected]
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