One dialog after another, and stupid textboxes


I got two problems:

For my application, whose main window is a modeless dialog box, I want

to first show a startup dialog where the user identifies himself, then

destroy this box and show the main box. Is there any good reason

that my entire application dies after the first dialog is destroyed

using DestroyWindow (yes, i am using the C api) ? Do I have to block

some messages to succeed? (I suspect I can do this by creating my

main window and not show it before showing the startup dialog, but

now it has become a matter of honor for me to solve this) How would

you do this in a simple way?

If I create a modal dialog box before my main window is created, and use

either NULL or GetDesktopWindow() as parent, textboxes dont work.

Listboxes work fine, but not the stupid stupid textboxes. Has anyone

got a good explanation for this windowsy behaviour?



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