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Difference between object and reference in java?

cyberwatchcyberwatch Member Posts: 3
What is the difference between object and reference in java?
why we cant find difference between them in c++,eventhough it is object oriented one?

best regard


  • Josh CodeJosh Code Member Posts: 675
    An object is an instance of a class.

    A reference is something that refers to something.

    An object reference is a reference to an object.

    The relationship is very much the same as between an int* and an int in c or c++. Object references and objects are different in the same ways in Java.

    In case you didn't know, c++ has references too. c doesn't but c++ references are like implicit use of pointers. They are declared using ampersand &. The idea there is similar except that Java abstracts the concept of a reference to the point that it can even be a reference to an object on another machine as with Java RMI(Remote Method Invocation).

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