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Can't get socket peek to work


I am trying to peek the number of received bytes in a socket using the recv() function with the MSG_PEEK flag.

So I wrote a line:

maxToread = recv(source_fd, tmpBuffer, maxToRead, MSG_PEEK | MSG_DONTWAIT);

and then if maxToRead > 0 (there is something to be read) I do:

readn = recv(source_fd, buffer, msgLen, MSG_DONTWAIT);

According to the Man pages, the expected behavior when setting the MSG_PEEK flag is that the data is not removed from the reception buffer so that the next read returns the same data.

In my case I am seeing that, after the first 'recv()' call (with MSG_PEEK), the second reads 0 bytes instead of reading the same data the first call read.

This is quite annoying because I need to be able to check if there is data in the buffer without consuming it. Am I missing something here? Did I misunderstand the MSG_PEEK behavior?

Any help appreciated!!


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