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Hi, to every one.
I am developing a autocomplete extender control in c# windows application. In which you can type a starting alphabet and the list of the related items are coming just below that like google search.
i used combo box for entering the text and its text changed event i fire a sql query that select the items from the database on the basis of starting alphabet.
I have a small problem in it when i type a any alpabet in the combo box its appear the all element which started from that alphabet(like i enter d then if in database it has 5 item which start from d then appear on the that item in the combobox) now if i want to select the item from the arrow key than it select only first and all list is dissapear i cant able to select other than 1st index position item.
Please suggest me what i do.
Any suggestion is welcome .

Rahul Singi


  • It sounds like the problem that you are running into is that when you make a selection it is firing your event - Due to the fact that you now have an entire item selected and no longer a partial string, the previous suggestions are no longer valid and they dissapear.

    You might want your event to fire on a keypress or something and then only have it fire on non-arrow keys.
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