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SEO - Best way to promote your Site

Hi..This is going to start a couple of web projects.Here I want to discuss about some of the truths about SEO.The Search Engine Optimization is the way to make your web site index on a Search engine result page (SERP). SEO broadly classified into two main categories

1. On Page Optimization
2.Off-Page Optimization.

On page Optimization deals with the keyword Analysis,Title tags,Meta tags,Keyword Density, Header tags etc.

Off page optimization deals with the submission of our site into Directories,Social sites,Article sites,Etc.


  • angel54angel54 Member Posts: 1
    I agree with you James, SEO is a best way to promote site. I am also some research on it as I want my site to get optimized and before outsourcing want to have some on hand knowledge on it.

    This article maybe useful to people who are interested in SEO process. It talks about Common mistakes people make while doing SEO. You can check this article on

    redalkemi dot com

    under article section (Search engine optimization articles - Most Deadly SEO Sins - Common mistakes even experts fail to notice)
  • ieobserverieobserver Member Posts: 5
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  • PHYsePHYse Member Posts: 3
    My experience is the following.

    1. Create inbound links to your website. This is the basic if yuo do not have inbound links none will find your website due to low priority on search engines. Inbound links works in two ways creating direct traffic and increasing priority in search engines.

    2. Have good content on your website. Releveant for you website.

    3. Use URL where keywords are inserted in the URL .

    4. Use meta keywords, desc

    Good Luck!
  • seomulseomul Member Posts: 6
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  • megna73megna73 Member Posts: 6
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  • megna73megna73 Member Posts: 6
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  • meganislameganisla Member Posts: 1
    Yes , SEO is the best way to make your site visible to your target market and get noticed in the WWW. After optimizing your site, focus on the off page activities to bring traffic and visitors and eventually turn these lead to sales.
  • ryan888ryan888 Member Posts: 3
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  • salcha00salcha00 Member Posts: 1
    Yes you are right. But off site SEO is most important I think. Is the only way you will make presence in the Search Engines.
  • dvdv882dvdv882 Member Posts: 6
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