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Developing USSD Application

mac2vjmac2vj Member Posts: 1
A[size=3][/size]s a part of my project i have to develope a USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Services Data)
based application but i am totally blank about how to start..!Let me specify my questions
1.In which language USSD App can be built?
2.What will be exact palce of USSD App in GSM Architecture?
3.How to start ?
4.Any books,web sites,forums for reference?


  • mamun028mamun028 Member Posts: 4
    to develop ussd based application you need to be a content provider and registered with a ussd gateway (of any mobile network operator). pressing *XXX# will send an request to ussd gateway and then gateway request content provider (specified within that selection by id) to send some service to subscriber mobile.
    I guess it your project will face complexity in arranging ussd content provider facility than to build an ussd based service/application. Anyway best of luck.
  • mamun028mamun028 Member Posts: 4
    This post has been deleted.
  • datukonyeradatukonyera ugandaMember Posts: 1

    hello guys how can i start developing a ussd aplication

  • Kennedy OjungaKennedy Ojunga Member Posts: 2

    hi guys i realy want to know ussd programming

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