Team mmorpg Project

I am currently creating a morpg in classic runescape style. Using the xtreme worlds engine ([URL=""]heres a link[/URL]) will make it a smaller game but it is a easy to use program that uses vb6. It will be called Secret of Mortanga.
Here are some features that will be included in the game.

[B]Mail system:[/B] it will have a ingame mailing system that works without having to
be online

[B]Quest based:[/B] Tons of quests (hopefully in the thousands by the time we are done

[B]Skills[/B] The game will include many skills like runescape such as... Cooking, mining, fishing, brewing, etc.

[B]Guilds[/B] a guild system that allows certain level people create guilds and have other players join and meat in a guild hall

[B]Player Housing[/B]: Self explanatory

[B]PVP and PvE[/B] will attract a diverse variety of players

[B]Other stuff[/B] Check out the link above for info on the engine and my forums below will have a little more specific info

I'm not good with programming but im learning and vb6 is pretty simple plus the xworld forums have lots of help for the engine. This game has been in production for a very small amount of time. Pretty much all I've done is made a couple maps (tarpograpghy planned) and I'm adding some scripts at the moment.
I will take any help I can get but here are some of the main abilities that I need in you: Proggramer (someone that knows vb6 and can adapt to the xworlds version), Mappers (people that can create decent maps with the engine), A SERVER HOSTER (yes at the moment the project has a budget of 0$ but it will still be ausome... someone that can keep their computer with at least basic broadband on and connected to the internet 24/7.) Planner/organizer ( I really need help organizing i am bad at that... somone to kind of plan out assignments for team members and organize a mapping system), Artists (someone who can help create a custom gui and any other art related things), and anyone else that just wants to help but doesn't know how ( someone that can help with back story and ideas perhaps?).

Everyone that helps WILL get credit and be a admin/moderator in game if they want. Please if you sign up be online on the forums, in contact with me actively (at least every other day).

If you are interested you can e-mail me at [email][email protected][/email] or go to the games forum [URL=""]Black Magic Games[/URL], or you can pm me on the xtreme worlds forums ( my username is masterhjjh). I will not be on this site because I will probably forget the url and I want to keep my bookmarks as they are. But just in case I may check back here so feedback in this topic is appreciated.

Thank you for you're consideration!
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