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Online Marketing Specialist, Cebu Based

Online Marketing Specialist, Cebu Based
Job Description: If you know programming and love internet marketing, this is a unique opportunity to combine both skills because you get to lead a team of online marketers and coordinate with website developers and designers. Awesome learning, awesome earnings, awesome experience in website marketing.

Work Hours: 40 hours per week

1. Knowledge in server/client side Programming/Scripting languages is a MUST. [e.g. php, javascript, asp, java, VB. etc]
2. In-depth knowledge in the logic behind programming languages.
3. In-depth knowledge in Relational Database Management Systems. [e.g. MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgre]
4. Must have private working space where work can be done without distraction.
5. Must have fast internet connection.

1. MS OFFICE Skills
2. Internet-savvy and must have a knowledge in Online advertising. Happy to work before a computer for 8 hours.
3. Must be able to lead a team but also a very good team player.
4. Must have great organizational skills, analytical, able to learn fast, results-oriented and proactive.

send resume - [email protected]

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