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Problem with socket program in

kamlesh_sj08kamlesh_sj08 Member Posts: 1
Hye friends,

I am facing one issue related to socket program written in VB.NET (2008 + 3.5 framework) since long time....I am having a socket server application which
accepts the connection...It accepts 800 connection without any problem but after that it throws exception saying...."Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. : mscorlib : 0"
After this exceptions it stops accepting any further connections even if all the connected clients gets disconnected. Same case
happens if single client continuously connects & disconnects at an interval of 3 sec. After 2 hrs. it throws same exeption.
I am using Windows 2003 server + 2 GB RAM. If anyone faced same problem pls help...
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