Win32's CopyFile Function


I am trying to create a setup CD for software that I built.

I am running WinXP SP2

I have burned the CD
I am using Win32's CopyFile Function to copy a file from the CD to C: est

The CD Drive letter is D

Private Declare Function CopyFile Lib "kernel32" Alias "CopyFileA" (ByVal lpExistingFileName As String, ByVal lpNewFileName As String, ByVal bFailIfExists As Long) As Long

Private Sub FormLoad()
source = "D:infile.exe"
dest = "C: estfile.exe"
CopyFile source, dest, 0
End Sub

When I run this program I get the following error:
Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

The size of the file is: 2KB

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this error and how can I fix it?

Any help would be grately appreciated
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