Looking for Passionate and Talented AS3 Developer for Childrens Game

SARF Studios:
We are a group of passionate people creating an educational, environmentally themed world for kids

Project name:
Planet SARF

Brief description:
We've been in production for nearly 10 months now and have over 600 in game assets, concept pieces, 3D models and animations completed. We are creating an online flash based world where kids can come, socialize and more importantly learn about endangered habitats and species around the globe. Our mantra is 'Purpose driven Entertainment' meaning everything in Planet SARF is geared around giving the kids more than when they started, specifically in their understanding and appreciation of this worlds most precious natural resources

Target aim:
Looking to offer this as a Free2Play product with premium subscriptions

We are in the processes of finalizing our finances at which point we will be offering backpay for all work done and stock options

We are looking towards middleware solutions for the graphics and backend engines, specifically open space and smartfox pro. Until then we hope to get a working single player demo written in house to show the product to the masses

Talent needed:
Right now we are really in need of Action Script programmers who can help us build our preliminary demo using the assets we have created thus far

Team structure:
All members of our creative team can be found at www.planetsarf.com/spotlight in their respective Bio's section. I orchestrate the creation of this world, am the creative director, the IT director and organize our business end of things.

The Company website can be found at: www.sarfstudios.com
Art Spotlight site: www.planetsarf.com/spotlight
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sarfstudios

Email me at ryan _a_t_ sarfstudios.com
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