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I have an untyped dataset which is programmatically bound to a form in 2008. The first record in the dataset is not necessarily the record the user selected to view. I need a way to, after the binding is done, move the dataset to that particular record. I have a currencymanger in play for use of displaying the current record of how many records. I think I need to do a search and find the row number of the select record and then use the CurrencyManager.postion to do this but have had no luck in 3 hours to locate anything I can use. If you have a link to a site or tutorial that does, I would greatly appreciate it


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA

    Shows how to bind data to the control, and near the article has a bunch of code that shows how to add and delete items which should help unlock how to do what you want to. If that doesn't help, post some code on how you build the object you've bound to the CurrencyManager, and some more detail on what your trying to do
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