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I have a problem w/ posting my form onto an internet payment system called enets.

they told us that we need to pass them 3 values: amount, txnRef, mid

and also, they told us the our system needs to be posting from our domain, lets say.

my question is.. how should i code or let that site know that my system is coming from this domain?

under web.config file, i configured the domain to be :

under Confirmation.aspx ( have site.master )

METHOD # 1: based on the document, do as how asp / php do, under html:

inside code-behind of confirmation.aspx (button click event) : straight
forward sample

Both method are going to the site, but with the error : "Invalid Merchant web url" <--- just an error created by them

advance thanks!


  • Check whether your action is put correctly. (I'm sure you did)

    Normally action refers to a ASP (.asp), ASP.NET (.aspx), PHP or JSP page.

    For example:

    The other point is, normally payment gateways are secure. So instead of http:// you might require to use https://

    If you use a good shopping cart software, it comes with plugins for all popular payment gateways.


  • thanks for replying!

    and sorry for taking so long to reply..

    like what you mentioned, https ;)

    say i got this from the payment site document:
    Below is the sample code for a merchant
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