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Developer .NET

KubikCZKubikCZ Member Posts: 1
Hi all,
currently, I am looking for contract as [b].NET developer[/b].
I am from Czech Republic.
My education is master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

[u]Professional experience:[/u]
[b]4 years[/b] - win applications (VB.NET, C#, [b]WinForms[/b], WPF(basic))
[b]1 year[/b] - web applications (VB.NET, C#, [b]ASP.NET[/b], JavaScript, AJAX(basic))
[b]4 years[/b] - [b]MS SQL 2000/2005[/b][b][/b] (design, T-SQL)

I am willing to work in other contry as well or work remotely.
Curriculum vitae with details on request.

With kind regards


  • Christopher_WiChristopher_Wi Member Posts: 1
    Good choice. I recommend you to search for good job sites . They help you in finding a good job for your career. There are many opening in IT field. I attended a good computing conference with the help of It was very much helpful for me. Thanks for sharing such useful information.
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