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Streaming Audio from one PC to another over a Local Network

I did search before I posted this and could not find a solution to my problem.

I would like to stream Audio one way from one PC to another.


This code I have included is a modified version of MS Voice Chat from the Visual Basic 6 CD.

My project contains WaveStream.dll as the WaveStream.cls ClassModule.
So the application does not require the actual DLL what so ever, and it's easier to make mods to the code.
But I have included Microsofts original source code for the DLL.

These are the only formats I can get to work...
8000Hz. 8bit, Mono
11025Hz. 8bit, Mono
22050Hz. 8bit, Mono
8000Hz. 8bit, Stereo
11025Hz. 8bit, Stereo
8000Hz. 16bit, Mono
8000Hz. 16bit, Stereo << Works for a few seconds then... Run-time error - Type mismatch at ...
[color=Red]Call .SaveStreamBuffer(Index, ExData(Index))[/color] in the WaveStream.cls ClassModule

I have tried everything to get better quality but with no luck, it's a bit out of my leage in VB.

I am trying for [b]44100Hz, 16bit, Stereo [/b]which should Stream through the Router at about 200kbs.

Delay in the system is not a problem, as long it is constant.

Any help would be abosolutly fantastic, thanks in advance for even looking.


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