numeric string to floating point and back (help?)

OK, I confess I have never actually used

either the packed decimal or the floating

point instructions. If someone has a snippet

of code readily available, please post in a

reply. I need a short routine that can read

a zero-byte delimeted string of numerics

(which is guaranteed to be less that 10 digits

with one and only one period somewhere in the

string). I need to see how you get this into

a floating point register and then into ram

as a quad (8 bytes in i86 quad format).

The routine should then take the square root

(using the instruction for that) and then

convert the answer back to an ascii string with

one and only one period, delimited by a zero-byte.

The only machine I have done this on is the

IBM 370, but I have never really seen how this

is done with intel i86 - so if someone has

some code to do this handy and ready, save me some headaches trying to figure it out - ok?

Thanks, Jerry Burnett

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