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C++/C# Programmer for hire

JayteeJaytee Member Posts: 1

I'm experienced C++ programmer targetting also into C# programming.
I'm looking for job, preferably telecommute.

If you need C++ or C# programmer for developing Windows application please contact with me.

Thank you!


  • sorma008sorma008 Member Posts: 1
    Hi. If you are looking a job with competitive rates, you can try here: :) goodluck!
    [url=]Dig Bands[/url]
  • JESSIE2009JESSIE2009 Member Posts: 1
    For those who are in need of highly qualified programmers at a good rate, I suggest checking out Hire Programmer does not only have US programmers in their team, they also outsource some of them which enable them to quote more competitive rates. They gave me a team from the Philippines and they are great. I am very happy with their work.
  • pachelabaropachelabaro Member Posts: 11
    Dear Programmer,

    It has come to our attention here at Black Feathers Productions that you are looking for a long term job. We are in the business of building games and some minor websites.
    If you are interested then please send a short resume and contact source to [email protected]

    Gregory S. Looney C.E.O.
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