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Need help in passing and keeping of value...

AlexryoAlexryo Member Posts: 1
Hi all, I'm a beginner here, trying to find out how can I pass and keep value of the checked item from 1st page to 2nd page. For exmaple, I checked on Black Shirt and key in 2, after clicking on submit, 2nd page should display "Black Shirt - 2" and when I revisit the page, the "Black Shirt - 2" should remain on the page unless I clear or delete it. Below are the form that I have got...

White Shirt

57) event.returnValue = false;" id="thebox2" disabled>
Black Shirt

57) event.returnValue = false;" id="thebox3" disabled>

please help me out, I have been trying out for quite some time and I just couldn't find it.


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