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Interactive Hello World question

BulletHolesBulletHoles Member Posts: 1
I am working through the C# e-book. Here is the code for the part I have a question about:

using System.Text;

namespace InteractiveHelloWorld
class MainClass
static void Main(string[] args)
Console.Write("Please enter your name: ");
string name = Console.ReadLine();
("Hello {0}, Good Luck in C#", name);

When I click Start Debugging in Visual Studio 2008, it pops up a command prompt window asking me my name, like it should. But when I type in my name and hit enter, it then displays the next line (Hello Marc, Good Luck in C#) and then [u]immediately[/u] closes.

Is it supposed to close so fast like this? It only displays the second line for like a 10th of a second before closing. I can hardly even read the second line before it closes. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?



  • XelalemXelalem Member Posts: 2
    Just add this next to the
    Console.WriteLine("Hello {0}, Good Luck in C#", name);



    //This should solve your problem
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