Read FingerPrint Data

Dear Friends,

we have using finger print machine for capturing our in and outs, for that we using fox pro program its gets data through IP address.

so i want to develop a new application for capturing purpose by VB.NET
i have no idea about this
can you please direct me to get some points.

if you have any samples its highly appreciated.


Nelson Rodrigo


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Dear Nelson, I like your well formed message.

    I am not quite sure what you were asking, so I am going to rephrase it.

    Were you trying to say:
    You have a finger print machine at your company and you are using a program written with FoxPro to get the data from the finger print device.
    You want to make a new program that does the same thing, but want to use VB.Net as the solution. You do not know if it is the best language, or how to do it in VB, and you are looking for some information to help you with both problems?
    I'll start off by saying, I cannot give you samples, because frankly you haven't given me enough information to understand what you need...

    I can look for some information for you, if you give me the following information:
    The exact Model # and Brand of the finger print machine
    More specific details on what you would like to do with the application... I do not know anything about you or your company so when you say "we have using finger print machine for capturing our in and outs" I have no idea what-so-ever what you are saying... O_o

    Anyway, I'd love to help you, please give me more information. It doesn't have to be amazing English, but it does have to clearly state what you desire.
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