Line clipping

I'm doing an old stile 3d game in asm for atari falcon 68030 (just line and point).

I need the fastest way to clip a line.

(not the vector way p(x,y)=a(x,y)+t*u(x,y) because I will need to do a square root)

when I draw (and first clip) I allready know:

x0,y0 x1,y1

w(line wight),h(line hight)

and d(scale)=min(w,h)/max(w,h)

clipping zone: x(-160,+160),y(-120,120)

in a -2^15,2^15-1 (signed 16 bit) space

thx (sorry, learning english...)



  • Ok was a dumb question, I found the solution by myself.

    Thx anyway to all who did not do nothing to dont do it anymore the first notime.

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