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Marie Simulator

Ok cna someone break how to write this for a Marie Simultor...Please, Step by Step, so i better understand what to do...Thank You

Input a number
If number >10 then
number = number -5
number = number + 3

This is what I did
Org 100
Store X
Skipcond 010
Jump Else
Sudt 5
Jump endif
Else, Add 5
Endif, Halt
X, Dec 0

Please, tell me what I did wrong I am lost. Please, break it step by step for me!!!

Thank You in advance!!!


  • maxsky0109maxsky0109 Posts: 1Member
    org 100
    store number
    subt y
    skipcond 800
    jump else
    load number
    subt z
    store number
    else load number
    add k
    store number
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