newbie: which language would be better to use?

I am looking to create a program similar to a digital calendar. I am somewhat familiar with both visual basic and c++. I am not sure which one would be easier for a newbie to create this type of program, or if it is even possible for a newbie to do. I have some medical things and would like to be able to track symptoms, look for patterns, estimate based on previous data when certain symptoms might occur again, track some medical data: ie blood pressure, pulse, temp, etc.have a place to add comments and be able to warn if certain symptoms occur too many times within a certain time frame. I would want it to be able to display averages of the medical data and have it update and display at bottom every day and have a spot next to it somewhere where the estimated data. And I would like it to include a graph section where you could view a specific symptom and have dot plotted on it indicating what the values were on every day data was input for last 30 days.Any input would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone knows where I could find such a program, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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