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I could use some help with my python program. Pretty PLease!!??

jessicajj92jessicajj92 Member Posts: 1
ok so this need to be a program that take to pictures ( that are the same size ) and slowly fades the two into a newPic. this is what i have so far, but i am having major issues. I am totally new with programming and we are using JES.
[code]def main():
showInformation( "Pick two pictures of the same size." )
pic1= makePicture( pickAFile() )
pic2= makePicture( pickAFile() )

w=getWidth( pic1 )
h=getHeight( pic1 )
assert w == getWidth( pic2 )
assert h == getHeight( pic2 )
newPic= makeEmptyPicture( w,h )

printNow( "working..." )
for x in range (0,w) :
for y in range (0,w) :

totalRed= 0
totalGreen= 0
mixingLevels= x /(float(w-1)) # I totally mess things up here
int( mixingLevels*
for mixingLevels in range( 0, w-1 ):
px= getPixel( pic1, 1-mixingLevels, y)
totalRed= totalRed + getRed( px )
totalGreen= totalGreen + getGreen( px )
totalBlue= totalBlue + getBlue( px )

avgRed= totalRed / (w - 1)
avgGreen= totalGreen / (w - 1)
avgBlue= totalBlue / (w - 1)

#px1= getPixel( pic1, x, y )
#px2= getPixel( pic2, x, y )
pxNew= getPixel( newPic, x, y )
setRed( pxNew, avgRed )
setBlue( pxNew, avgBlue )
setGreen( pxNew, avgGreen )

printNow( "...done" )
show( newPic )

I think that i need to use a function called crossfade. here is a bit more info about the program, mixingLevel= x/ float(w-1) and int( mixingLevel*r2 + (1-mixingLevel) * r1) where r1 and r2 and the red levels from both picture.

please please please help!!!
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