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Creating Application with VS2008 and execute on XP Embedded


I have created a program with Visual Studio 2008 (C++). My program is a simple GUI and I could execute it on my development machine (Windows 7). But it is was not possible to execute it on my target platform (AMD Geode 500MHz with XP embedded). I searched on the internet for the cause of this problem. I read that there is a difference in .NET version between VS2008(.NET 3.5) and my target platform(.NET 2.0). I tried to install .NET 3.5, but this was not possible. I had only 200MB of memory available and over 300MB was needed.
Is it possible to create .NET 2.0 applications with VS2008 C++ (with C# it is possible). Does anybody has a solution to execute my code on the target machine.

Thanks in advance,
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