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NEW to ASP and C#

mariowiimariowii Posts: 3Member
HEllo I am new to ASP and C#, I need to create a Keyword search on ASP and C# to search our entire SQL DB... any suggestions on how to start?

Thank you


  • renjithrajan88renjithrajan88 Posts: 3Member
    what i suggest is tat first u create an interface n desing ur db....enter few datas n then think of coding
  • mariowiimariowii Posts: 3Member
    That is all done... i just need to create the search by keyword
  • renjithrajan88renjithrajan88 Posts: 3Member
    wel how u r planning to search? i mean r u goin to enter a word n trying to find it out from database? if so what kind of data r u inserting in the database? what the database actually contains?
  • mariowiimariowii Posts: 3Member
    Mostly Documents, word, xls, pdf etc.... and yes I will like to search by keyword, insert a keyword and show all the docs with that word in the title....

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