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PHP Syntax

rodkrekerrodkreker Member Posts: 5
Heya guys,

I'm trying hard to learn php at home. I got this book thing (Apress - PHP for Absolute Bigenners 2009). As I go through it and reached script writing, I realized that I still don't know the definitions/meanings of each terms, symbols and syntax that PHP uses for script writing like for example the ('), ("), ({}) and some other stuff used to construct a script. I hope I can read from you guys, the only experience I have in programming before is Turbo Pascal. I do apologize for this silly question. I can't find any PHP syntax dictionary online, do I need to practice another language before getting to PHP or something? I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say, I don't know the right word to use.

Thank you for replying. God Bless.
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