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Pointing QB71 basic prog to the library files

PhilOfPerthPhilOfPerth Posts: 2Member
I've written a few progs in QB, and they work fine in the QB environment, but I want to compile them to allow others who don't have QB to use them. When I click on "Compile to .exe", QB tells me it can't find the library files. I'm not sure which library files it wants, but there is a Lib folder in the same directory as QB.exe. I have tried copying those files from the LIB folder into the BIN folder (where QB.exe is) but get the same result. Can anyone help please?


  • 0me0my0me0my Posts: 3Member
    Did you use '$INCLUDE FILES in your program?
    If so, you'll need to load the lib files that the '$INCLUDE points to when you start qbx. Best way to do this is in a batch file. Create a batch file in Notepad and save it.
    Sample below:

    qbx.exe/L uitbefr qbx

    This batch file loads qbx.exe with uitbefr and qbx libraries.
    These libraries are needed with '$INCLUDE MOUSE.BI AND '$INCLUDE GENERAL.BI

  • bertwindonbertwindon Bulgaria 5068Posts: 1Member

    It's not that I know anything at all about compiling, but I have made enormous use of qBx - but I have never required the .lib's. One day the penny may drop !
    What OmeOmy is perhaps trying to say, is that you must start qBxx.exe with the /switch that he has suggested. Why should this require a batch file ?. See qB help for lists of /switches, you never know - it might be there !!. It's a while back, did you ever sort it out ?
    On another score, My Asus PC - with Windows XP - will not run qBx if the .bas contains any calls for graphics such as WINDOW ( , )-( , ) or SCREEN n. Other PC's using XP work just as well as earlier Windows o/s's.
    And the latest dream - qBasic45 or 71 for Android ? Dare we even dream about it !

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