Good collection of questions on C, C++, Win32, MFC, DLL, COM/DCOM


Good collection of questions on C, C++, Win32 Programming, MFC, DLL, COM/DOM for interview and exam preparation.

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  • Well, Karshant, I have rated the link you posted to PH (,+C++,+C+++under+Windows,+MFC,+DLL,+COM/DOM/info.aspx). Note that the word 'good' is subjective. I have posted the comment below. Perhaps the webmaster (which, I guess, is you) appreciates it.


    I have only checked the C++ part. The website's page on C++ holds 61 C++ questions (in non-perfect English) that you can use to check if you know most about the language. I was most interested in the question's answers, but to view these, you need to send an email to the webmaster. I find it strange that I could not click on a link with the answers.

    The list is of questions is fine, but not as extensive as the C++ FAQ lite. The C++ FAQ exceeds this site in also providing the answer one click away.

    Because I could not rate the answers, I find it difficult to rate this site in a certain number of stars. Therefore, I started with three stars ('fine') and subtracted one star for not supplying the answers.
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