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Hey friends,

With all due respect & dignity, I would like to know from you, what is the [b]role[/b] of Java in Software Development Companies such as Microsoft, Google etc. compared to C++, where does Java [color=Blue]stand[/color] in comparison to other Programming Languages ?
What is the [b]Partition[/b] of Java Programming Language in terms of Core's viz Core Java / Core Java 2 etc. ( I am a beginner to Java )?
I have programmed in C & have learned it good. Now i need a [b]shift[/b], this shift may be to Java or C++, largely depending on your views. So, i would like to know which would be the [b]better & wise[/b] option ( Java or C++ or any other), given i am in penultimate year of my Graduation (Btech) ?

Thank You
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