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Converting datatype in Java

elizaselizas Member Posts: 15
Below are some examples of conversion from one data type to another in java.

double to String :
String str = Double.toString(i);

long to String :
String str = Long.toString(l);

float to String :
String str = Float.tString(f);

String to integer : str = "25";
int i = Integer.valueOf(str).intValue();
int i = Integer.parseInt(str);

String to double :
Double d = Double.valueOf(str).doubleValue();

String to long:
long l = Long.valueOf(str).longValue();
Long L = Long.parseLong(str);

String to float :
Float f = Float.valueOf(str).floatValue();

decimal to binary : int i = 42;
String bin = Integer.toBinaryString(i);



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