Problem in Opening offline edb file


I am using Exchange Server 2003 SP2, I am trying to write an application to read the offline exchange .edb and .stm files. For the same i am using Jet Blue API's.

My sequence of API Call's is

JetSetSystemParameter(NULL, JET_sesidNil,JET_paramDatabasePageSize, 4096, NULL);
JetCreateInstance(&instance, "instance");
JetBeginSession(instance, &sesid, 0, 0);

All my above calls are executed successfully, except the last function call i.e. JetAttachDatabase(sesid,"C:\Temp\SP-MS-1.edb",JET_bitDbReadOnly);

I have found out that when i make the database offline by unmounting the mail boxes, and copy it to the temp folder, in this case, "JetAttachDatabase" returns -544 as an error code, which states that "Soft recovery is intended on a backup database. Restore should be used instead".

So further i use the eseutil.exe with the option as eseutil /r /l /d options on the original location of the database file, the util runs successfully, then i copy this repaired edb file to temp location and then use it my application, now also all the above calls executes successfully, except the last function call "JetAttachDatabase" fails with the error code as -1, which states that "Function Not Yet Implemented".

What am i doing wrong? Anybody with some suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanking all in advance

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