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C++ and C Game Developers wanted (freelancers only please)

Hello, my name is Shawn, and I and a few friends want to make a text based game that is kinda a mix of call of duty 4 and 6 the modern warfare series and rainbow six 1 and 2. I'm just beginning C and C++ and these guys don't know anything that us programmers know and I'm doing this all alone. Now I have come here to ask you to help, whats that you ask? what will this do for you what will you get in return. Well you will have full credit for everything you did to help if it's used in the game or even a part of something you did but not the full thing you still will get credit. Plus it's a great programming experience. Now I know text based you thinking yeah okay thats simple...I know I'm a beginner though but very eager I've took the time to think about it and i'm ready to go up to the challenge long as I have a team, because this will not be a text based game forever. after we make the game completely text based I would like to release it and would like to start working on version two which includes a text game with graphics you clikc on a button and it does something and few things you type in like urban dead and those games. then version 3 full graphics, yes it's gonna be long but trust me it's for the full experience and thrill but worth it, so what are my requirements you may want to know, well to be able to program in C and/or C++ and think you can make a difference for this team of programmers and help with this games developement. I'm not gonna ask for much because i'm not that great with programming but i would like you to help me along the way please. Thank you if you have any questions please send me a message or email me at [email protected] with the subject Rainbow Warfare Programming Team C and/or C++ to be able to easily seperate you from spam please and thank you let me know if your interested please asap :) I'm sorry about my bad english and horrible grammer and so on but thank you for reading.


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