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Help with matlab loop... vector output

mazd1363mazd1363 Member Posts: 1
Hi, I'm trying to solve a probelm where I have an inital displacement vector, say u0 = [1 1 1 0]'. The size of this vector is also dependent on another vecotr defined previously as A so I have:
n= 1: length(A)
u = zeros(n,1)
u0 = [1 1 1 0]'
I also have a time interval of :
t= 0 : timestep : finalt
where timestep and final time are known. I have a an algorithm which uses this initial value and works out the u1 vector. Now I need to use u0 and u1 to find the subsequent [b]u vecotrs [/b] at each time step!!!!
Any help would be appreciated as soon as possible!
Many thanks!
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