MSChart Row!!

I have a graph "ChtLive" that updates constantly based on values coming in from PLC. The graph updates fine and displays my values on the screen perfectly. However, I am having trouble with the row labels (rows 1-20) updating as current time.

Ex: This function SHOULD do the following:

First time around, row label 20 holds current time.

frmMain.chtLive.Row = 20
frmMain.chtLive.RowLabel = Format(Now(), "ss") 'seconds on the minute

Second time the function in question is called, row 19 label takes value from row 20 label, and row 20 received new current time.

Third time around row 18 label takes the value from row label 19, and row label 19 takes value from row 20 label, and row 20 label receives new Current time.

Note: After row label 1 receives the old time from row label 2 and displays it, it should then drop off and delete, making room for next a realtime line graph.

Does anybody know how to do this? You don't have to even know about graphs...I think it's done with passing values between arrays but I can't seem to wrap my head around this to implement it. Any Ideas Anyone? Please help!! Thanks!



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