Faster MATLAB with QLA (beta)

We'd like to let everyone know about the public beta release
of QLA: The Quick Linear Algebra Library.

QLA provides fast linear algebra in MATLAB, requiring only a
regular CPU. For a minuscule sacrifice in accuracy, you get a
mammoth increase in speed.

* How fast? Speedups over built-in MATLAB functions range
from 10x to 1000x+ in our benchmark tests.

* How easy? Just add a 'q' in front of your normal
function calls - e.g., 'qsvd(A)' instead of 'svd(A)'.

* Includes SVD, linear systems, least squares, PCA, and more.

Get details and download QLA here:

You can also join the QLA discussion here:


Michael Holmes / Massive Analytics
John Melonakos / AccelerEyes


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