Mysql, crystal reports XI

Hi to all,

i am trying to set the logon data for crystal reports that i have created. in crystal report builder i manage to connect to mysql by the jdbc driver downloaded from the official site of mysql.

but i want to change the ip of the mysql database ex instead of a want to connect to a remote pc where mysql is intalled...
i tried this but
[code] Dim Logoninfo As New TableLogOnInfo()
Logoninfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = ""
Logoninfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "db"
Logoninfo.ConnectionInfo.UserID = "root"
Logoninfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = "test"


[/code] i always get logon failed although everything is correct(i use it with moreover i want to use recordselectionformula but again no luck



  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA is localhost, which is the IP address reserved to represent the computer you are working on. So that would connect only to a MySQL Server that is running on the computer the code is executing on.

    Change that IP address to the IP of the computer that is hosting the MySQL DB you want to connect to. If you set up the computer that is hosting the MySQL DB you want to connect to, make sure that you have properly configured the install correctly and that you are using the proper IP address for that computer from the one you are executing the code from.

  • Sean,

    thank you for your answer. I am aware that is localhost but even when i run the application locally (where mysql is installed) i get logon failed. although everything is correct!
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