pls help me to use matlab to find optimum dsign of mechanical cmponent

please help me. im having problem with the matlab coding to do an optimum design of mechanical structures (example, beams, shaft etc)..
example: let say i want to design a beam that when load is applied,it will not produce stress that exceed the yield stress and thus fail.
beam is made of steel with yield strength of 448Mpa.
Force=user input

how to do the optimization that will calculate for me the minimum area of the cross section of the beam?
please help me..this is just one simple example and yet i cant do it. by now, i should be doing some more of complicated shape component :(


  • at first, i wanted to use the optimization toolbox but after trying without any help, i still dont understand and dont know how to use it. so, i thought, i just do by writing the coding using for, if else statement etc..but still fail.
    here i have an example i found that minimize the thickness of the shaft just using normal matlab coding (without optimization toolbox).tried to follow the steps but fail. please help me.
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