Help on Pascal Program: Sums

Hi. Can anyone help me with this program that I'm doing?

I'm suppose to prompt the user like this...

S- sum of the squares
C- sum of the cubes
A- average of the squares

And after I do that I'm suppose to make a procedure for each of those, which I know how to do. But the only thing is, I don't know how to [b]find the sum of the[/b] [b]squares[/b], the [b]sum of the cubes[/b], nor the [b]average [/b]of the squares. All I know is that your suppose to use the CASE statement, which I know how to do...I just don't know how to do the calculations. Can anyone help me on that? I would be most grateful. Thanks.


  • i dont get what you need...
    do you have somekinda textfile full of numbers and you need find from them theas things or something?
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