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how do i call on a class with (graphics g)

lil programerlil programer Member Posts: 5
im trying to create the game mastermind and in my version, i split the many parts of my code into separate classes so it would be a
little easier to work with, several of my classes use g.drawstring for animation and positioning purposes,(got the idea from c++ gotoxy) but when i try to call some of these classes it gives me an (java.awt.Graphics) can not be applied to () error. what should i do?.

below is the mainmenu class i am trying to call and the mastermind class that is calling it.


import java.awt.Graphics;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class mainmenu
public void mainmenu(Graphics g)

int Position=0;int row=0;

for(row=30;row>=0 ;row=row-1)
for( Position=20;Position>=0;Position=Position-57)
{ g.drawString("*********************************************************",row+0,0);



import java.awt.Graphics;
import java.util.Scanner;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.util.Random;

public class MASTERMIND {

public static void mastermind ( String [] args){
Scanner reader = new Scanner(;

/* like i said there are alot of parts to it */

starter s = new starter();
mainmenu m = new mainmenu();
window w = new window();
endscreen e = new endscreen();
endscreen2 q = new endscreen2();
easy x = new easy();
Easy_game_instructions k = new Easy_game_instructions();
Hard_game_instructions h = new Hard_game_instructions();
endcreditz p = new endcreditz();
instructionscreen i = new instructionscreen();
winningscreen b = new winningscreen();
easy_game y = new easy_game();
hard_game u = new hard_game();
quitpfz a = new quitpfz();

int userselection=0;


while ((userselection!=5))
m.mainmenu(); /*<=< THIS IS WHERE THE ERROR IS */

case 1:i.instructionscreen();break;
case 2:y.easy_game();break;
case 3:u.hard_game();break;
case 4:p.endcreditz();break;
case 5:b.winningscreen();



~~~~~~ any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you ~~~~~~~


  • dahliah_jamesdahliah_james Member Posts: 1
    huh,great job. thanks
  • silveredge52silveredge52 Member Posts: 198
    You have outlined an ambitious endeavor. My recommendations are not use the draw functions because their information is not preserved when a window component is automatically redrawn by the "system".

    I altered your program to show a simple window frame. However the program is not meant to be a template. GUI programming is pretty involved.

    My personal suggestion is to view a [link=]TicTacToe program [/link](click on the link) that could provide many insights. I tried the version in the second post, it looked good just need to fix 1 line: public [color=Red]cl*** [/color]TicTacToe implements ActionListener {
    needs to be: public [color=Red]class[/color] TicTacToe implements ActionListener {

    A modified version of your original program is attached for download.

    regards, se52
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