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Programming on a cellphone?

Sorry about the cross-post (Java).

I'm currently under the impression that many/most cellphone games are programmed in Java. I'm familiar with VB, C++, HTML, and I've even played around with Scratch (

What I'm looking for is a way to program cellphone game ON the cellphone itself. I don't have alot of free time on a PC to program something for transfer to a phone, I want to program directly on the phone.

Is there [italic][b]any[/b][/italic] option for this? I'm open to any and [italic]all[/italic] suggestions. I'd even be willing to buy a treo and start writing PALM programs if necessary.

Any ideas are appreciated!



  • infinitum3dinfinitum3d Member Posts: 4

    So, I've seen some software out there, like MobileBasic, which is supposed to work on Java-enabled phones. My Motorola Q9C is not java-enabled by default, but I have IBM's J9 ('emulator?') and Esmertec's JBED, but I'm not sure if that is compatible/acceptible.

    I've tried loading Scratch [url][/url] which I thought was java-based, but technically speaking it's not.

    There IS a Ubuntu version, so I was going to try to load Ubuntu onto my device, but then I lose WindowsMobile. Could I maybe run Ubuntu from a storage card as a dual-OS type situation?

    Any thoughts? I know it's crazy, and I should just buy a $300 netbook, but the phone is just so much more portable... Just drop it in your pocket and go. Even the smallest laptop is the size of a book.

    Thanks for any help at all!!!
  • infinitum3dinfinitum3d Member Posts: 4

    Anyone? Any ideas? I've been just writing lines of code on the phone and then transferring/compiling on my desktop phone, but that's very time consuming since I only get to use the desktop PC every month or two.

    ANY ideas?
  • FortnumFortnum Member Posts: 10
    There is an Mobile Integration inside netbeans(Java) which allows you to program certain devices with java. It's been a year ago since i last used it , but it has certain bugs. I have no idea if they are already cleared out now.

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