Need some! coorelations in matlab!


My professor has asked me to anaylze some data for some perceptation he wanted me to do an auto correlation, partial corrleation..I have not the knowledge of matlab yet since I just started he gave me an excel sheet with the year and the months with annual data as well, he told me to only use the year and annual data to make a correlation the excel sheet has diff data for runnoff land runn off etc i just wannna concentrate on the fist sheet of data. What previois knowledge should I know from matlab to figure this out..or how to get started with this auto correlation, partial correlation i have mac os x snow leopard running Matlab R2009b on paralles.I think I got to the point were I imported the excel file into matlab using the file-->import data> then I just clicked next and I got this on the screen.

> In xlsfinfo at 54
In finfo at 101
In uiimport>gatherFilePreviewData at 338
In uiimport>filePreview at 270
If anyone can guide me to some sort of tutorial or were i can go read about this or were i shud get started thank you
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