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BlueZ C/C++ please help

galsangalsan Member Posts: 1

I`m trying to compile a simple rfcomm server from a example BlueZ source code:


int main(int argc, char **argv)
struct sockaddr_rc loc_addr = { 0 }, rem_addr = { 0 };
char buf[1024] = { 0 };
int s, client, bytes_read;
socklen_t opt = sizeof(rem_addr);

// allocate socket
printf("tworze socket
perror("socket ");
// bind socket to port 1 of the first available
// local bluetooth adapter

loc_addr.rc_family = AF_BLUETOOTH;
//loc_addr.rc_bdaddr = *BDADDR_ANY;
bacpy(&loc_addr.rc_bdaddr, BDADDR_ANY);
loc_addr.rc_channel = (uint8_t)1;

bind(s, (struct sockaddr *)&loc_addr, sizeof(loc_addr));

perror("bind ");
// put socket into listening mode
listen(s, 1);
perror("listen ");
// accept one connection
client = accept(s, (struct sockaddr *)&rem_addr, &opt);
perror("client ");
ba2str( &rem_addr.rc_bdaddr, buf );
fprintf(stderr, "accepted connection from %s
", buf);
memset(buf, 0, sizeof(buf));

// read data from the client
bytes_read = read(client, buf, sizeof(buf));
perror("read ");
if( bytes_read > 0 ) {
printf("received [%s]
", buf);

// close connection
return 0;

Everything compile fine, but I`m getting bind errors such as: 'Invalid argument' or sometimes also 'Adress already in use'.

Why I got invalid argument? What`s wrong with that? This is example from

Thx for help, galsan

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