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Improve the DB performance

G.ManivannanG.Manivannan Member Posts: 43

I am maintaining one web application which is done in Java & Oracle 10g & Jasper reports(Reporting tool for Java).

We will be generating Monthly report or Daily report or Report between two Dates (Ex. Invoice Statements)
I am sending query to database which contains 4 sub queries and collecting data from at least 4 tables.
The time taking for query processing and showing report is almost 3 to 5 minutes.
Still I want to reduce the time in terms of seconds.
Here where the Database caching concepts will be implemented.

How to go-a-head to fix up this issue?
Can I use Stored Procedures for this?
If you know about Database Caching in Java & Oracle please guide me to implement.

I have searched a lot in Google, but I feel I didn't get any good article or code.
Thanks in Advance.

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