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Searching for J2EE/EJB web application project

tgs187tgs187 Member Posts: 1
Hi everybody,

To understand EJB concepts , I am searching for a EJB / J2EE web application project.

I installed the

1. "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers"
2. MySQL Database Server
3. Tomcat server

I have experience working in MVC web application project. But still not understood complete EJB concepts.

I am trying to find solutions for below questions
1. Why EJB?
2. Why JNDI Lookup?
3. Why are the interfaces....EjbCreate()....EjbHome()
4. How to select sessionEjb/entityEjb/messagedrivenEjb for the application.

[color=Blue]If you have a J2EE Web application project. Please send it to [email protected] [/color]

Kindly please help me. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
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