Help needed with an odd puzzle if you can!

Hi all,

This may seem like an odd request but i'm looking for some help to solve a puzzle cache which I have been told is written is some form of game code.

Here's the puzzle I'm refering to

[link=]Puzzle Cache Page[/link]

There are two red herrings that I have found in the source code already, one is refering to the colour of the characters giving you the gps co-ordinates N54 38.746 W5 56.296 and the other is hidden html script giving you N54 38.289 W5 56.621
Neither of those are the final co-ords, both lead you to decoys.
From what I've learnt the actual co-ords are hidden in the grid of 13x13 characters which when cracked will give you a 13 digit gps co-ordinate. It is these characters that have been written in some form of gaming code or language.

Any help with this would very much appreciated as I am now at the limit of my programming knowledge! Please PM me if you have any luck with it!

many thanks

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