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Agilent DSO6014L s/w development

tim44tim44 Member Posts: 1
I'm looking for some s/w for the above Agilent DSO6014L digital scope

I'm accessing the scope through its ethernet port remotely via a LAN and I'd like the following functionality:

View and control the scope trace via a Gui on the remote PC,
Have short cuts on the remote PC to pre-set the scope set-up. (triggers, scaling etc)
As the DSO is capturing data, down load the data from the scope buffer to the remote PC
The capability to re-run the data on the remote PC

The signal I'm monitoring has a very long duty cycle. I have a at 4 micro sec pulse that is repeated 300 times per second. I'll be using all 4 channels.

I'm looking for someone who can develpoe this for me.


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