MFC crash occurs on DLL during language translation in string table en

Hi All,

I had Extracted a DLL from a CAB file(Installation package) and edited it using VS2005 to translate some captions in

String Table from English to French language(for testing my installation package to support other language) and


Using the above DLL we are re-creating a Translated Kit(Installation package) and installed it in a fresh machine,

After successful installation of my software, While trying to access the above mentioned translated DLL, MFC crash


The same DLL(Compiled and Build using existing source code in VS2005) with all above actions(translating the string

table entries)is working fine.

Can anybody tell me what i am missing / anybody faced similar kind of issue?

Note: I had tried accessing other DLLs to translate the string table entries and corresponding DLLs are accessed

without any errors.Also The project properties of both the DLLs(Working/Not Working) are similar.

Thanks in advance.

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