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I am leaving the forum

seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USAMember Posts: 684 ✭✭✭
Hey guys,

It is time for me to part ways with Programmersheaven. I've been blessed with several good years of providing help and moderation in these forums. You can contact me directly if you are desperate for some help, you'll find my contact information at: Someday soon I will find a new home in a VB.Net forum, if you have any suggestions please contact me!

Take care guys,
Good luck
Sean Campbell


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USAMember Posts: 684 ✭✭✭
    I came back today to see how the activity was in this forum. Apparently the owners of this site don't care enough about it to read my emails about removing me as the forum moderator.

    I made this thread sticky in hopes that you read this and don't waste your time. You can contact me directly (details on my website, if you are looking for .Net assistance. I am no expert, but I just may be able to help you!

    100 mph...
    Sean Campbell - Firesickle
  • DrMartenDrMarten Member Posts: 748
    Hi Sean,

    Sorry to see you leaving the forum after all these years.
    Maybe you might like to try the MSDN forums for VB.Net or are you already a member there? >>

  • DrMartenDrMarten Member Posts: 748
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